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Frequently Asked Questions

Are referrals required? 

The only instance a referral would be needed to come to our office is when filing with the VA. Otherwise, referrals are not needed for our new patients. 

How many visits will I need?

This is dependent upon your condition, and is different for each patient. Most patients will be recommended a care schedule that gradually lessens as their care progresses. 

How will he know when I'm "done"?

​Basically, your body exhibits certain signs which alert the doctor that your spine has stabilized and is healing. Practical experience (from previous cases such as yours), plus routine clinical examinations and x-rays all signal him to your progress. He will constantly be keeping you informed of your progress. A little secret from the doctor: Don't let symptoms, or the absence of them, be your guide as to how you're doing. Many cancer patients never have a symptom until the first tumor is detected. By then, for many, it is too late. 

I feel worse, How do you know this is working?

Change is seldom comfortable. When you begin an exercise program after years of non-activity, how are you going to feel a few days after your first workout? Maybe a bit sore? The body responds this way to healing change as well. Correcting subluxations allows changes of the structure of the spine and also opens up nerve pathways that may have been obstructed for years. Known in natural health-care as "healing crisis", headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, soreness, etc. are prime indicators that your body is, in fact, making a change for the better. This usually lasts no more than 1-2 weeks, maybe 3-4 weeks in cases of severe accident trauma. We will, however monitor your progress and if we have a concern other than this we will certainly let you know. It's also important to note that not all patients experience soreness, or pain after adjustments. For some, it's an immediate relief. All in all, every patient responds differently. 

Am I "fixed" when the pain is gone? 

A body can malfunction for half a lifetime in some people before a symptom shows up, signaling them to have something done. If that first symptom is serious, like a heart attack, stroke, or major cancer growth, it may be too late to help the patient. Pain and symptoms are usually the last to show up when there is a body malfunction, and the first to disappear. This is especially common in cases where spinal pain is present. Once the spinal adjustment is made, the joint pressure is removed, nerves work better and the pain quits. The nerves, ligaments, and muscles, however, have just begun to heal. To "patch up" the problem and not correct the underlying cause will normally result in a reoccurrence of the condition soon after; usually worse than before. Please, don't ever make the mistake of letting your symptoms, or the absence of them, dictate how healthy you are. We will be monitoring you for the indicators of stabilizing and will not need to be adjust as often.

My insurance only pays for 10 visits; you recommended 35. They must base their 10 on some scientific reasoning. What's yours? 

You go to a heart specialist and he tells you that you need a triple bypass surgery right away. You promptly inform him your insurance only covers a single bypass. He replies "Okay. We'll just do a single bypass then." What would you think? How would you feel? Would you agree to the procedure? In this office, we believe you are entitled to the care you need; not what your insurance policy pays for. Many policies are created with "crisis" care in mind, that is, as with the medical model, once the symptoms are gone, you're done. As we've explained, there's a lot more to getting you well than just treating your symptoms. Unfortunately, most insurance today isn't set up to accommodate this kind of healthcare. It is much more disease-care orientated. 

Why is it that no 2 chiropractors think alike? 

Have you ever met 2 medical doctors or dentists who thought alike? Each of us approaches problems from our own unique perspective. There are dozens of chiropractic techniques: each designed to effectively treat different patients as the individual doctor sees fit. And, in the hands of a highly trained doctor, they all work. As your doctor, Dr. Tindall would not be competent utilizing the method of another chiropractor as he is practicing with the technique that he has chosen to use. He is the best at what he does, and will recommend accordingly. If you are not responding to his care, he will definitely refer you to another chiropractor with a different approach. He knows that chiropracTIC works but the chiropracTOR can fail. 

Does your office only work on backs? 

No, Dr. Tindall is a chiropractic orthopedic specialist and has advanced training in treating whiplash injuries, knees, feet, elbows and other joints of the body. We also provide nutritional and naturopathic care in our office.

Accepted Insurances //

​​- Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

- W/C Injury Insurance

- Personal Injury Auto Claims

Don't see your insurance, or have a high deductible? Call our office for more information regarding out-of-pocket plans. 

Insurance eligibility and benefits will be determined by staff at the time of your visit.

Our Location: 

We are located at 620 Westport Road, Suite A in Elizabethtown, KY 42701. We are directly next to Bluegrass Insurance Services, and Physical Therapy Associates Inc Corporate Office. Easily accessible from Cardinal Drive and Saint John Road. Having trouble finding us? Click here to be directed to our google maps location. 


Look for our sign! 

Referred to us for a drug test? 

We collect urine and hair follicles for drug testing. We currently do not offer breath alcohol or blood alcohol testing. Appointments are REQUIRED for drug tests, if you do not have an appointment it is at the staff's discretion to perform your test or schedule for a later date. Drug testing hours are not the same as office hours. You must have a valid, government issued photo ID, as well as your chain of custody forms, or authorization code. Please call our office to schedule an appointment. 

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