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In-Office Blood Testing

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What tests are offered? 

Our in-office lab offers thousands of tests through Labcorp as well as Evexia. If there's a test you want done, we can do it. We also have a huge variety of at home test kits available for purchase.


Is your Phlebotomist certified? 

Yes, our Phlebotomist is board certified through the state of Kentucky, and soon to be certified nationally. She is skilled, patient, and educated in this field. Most, if not all, patients leave happy they came here instead of the somewhere else, because our phlebotomist is excellent, and quick. 

Can blood tests be billed to insurance?

Yes, the majority of our tests can be billed to insurance but not all. For a list of insurances Dr. Tindall is in network with, please visit our Patient Resources page. Affordable out of pocket plans are available for patients who do not have insurance, or have high deductibles. Our phlebotomist does require a $20 draw fee, that cannot be billed to insurance. 

I have a high deductible, what do I do? 

If you would prefer not to use your insurance, we have other options for out-of-pocket paying patients. We offer very affordable tests through Evexia, the costs of these tests are significantly less than the amount that would be billed to your insurance. It is our most common chosen route for our patients because it is convenient, and there's no worries about what the insurance will or will not cover. 

How long does it take? 

Our phlebotomist is excellent when it comes to time. Patients leave as early as 10 minutes after a blood draw sometimes, whereas some may take closer to 20 minutes. Overall, quicker than a trip to an M.D. office or hospital. 

What if she can't get my blood?

If after a few "sticks" our phlebotomist can't complete your blood draw, you will be referred to the nearest Labcorp or Evexia draw site. This is very rare, as long as you're hydrated before the blood draw this shouldn't be an issue. 

Your Phlebotomist does mobile blood draws?

Yes, if desired by the patient we can perform mobile blood draws, in your home or wherever you would like. Additional fees may be required depending on location. Draw fee for mobile blood draws is $30.

Have more questions? Check out our website! 


A few examples of tests we offer:

  • Thyroid panels

  • Liver panels

  • Cardiovascular panels

  • Wellness panels 

  • Cancer Screening

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis (Microbiology)

  • DNA Analysis

  • Drug Screening

  • Food Sensitivity / Inflammation

  • Genetic Health

  • GI-MAP DNA Stool Analysis

  • Heavy Metal and Others (Toxic & Essential Elements)

  • Neurotransmitter

  • Nutritional

  • Pre-Packaged Blood Panel

  • Salivary Hormone

  • SIBO / Genomic Tests

  • Celiac Disease Panel

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Why We LOVE Evexia: 

This is our most commonly used method. We LOVE Evexia, as they give us the ability to offer our patients something invaluable: Security. When you pay our discounted out of pocket rates, there's no guessing games with your insurance company. Most test panels also include a functional health report, which makes your labs easy to read and understand without a medical degree. 

Examples of discounts with Evexia: 

Our Signature "New Life Panel" Includes: Ferritin, Iron, UIBC, TIBC, CBC With differential, CMP, UA, LDL, HDL, TSH, T4, T3 Uptake, Hgb A1C, Cortisol, Reverse T3, Vitamin D, Thyroid Antibodies, Magnesium, Insulin

Labcorp Insurance Price: $1000+

Our Evexia Price: $350 (includes functional health report)


Complete Blood Count (CBC) With Differential

Labcorp Insurance Price: $151+

Our Evexia Price: $10

Thyroid Profile With TSH

Labcorp Insurance Price: $108+

Our Evexia Price: $30

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