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New-Life Weight Loss Program 



Over Weight? Tired of Struggling?
Ready for Change?

Unfortunately, there’s no one set of instructions that works for everyone when it comes to effective and long-term weight management. As a 30-year professional in the field of health and wellness, I know from experience that the journey towards a healthier body takes lots of knowledge.

In order to build good habits, you need to get in tune with what your body needs. To create an arsenal of nutritious recipes, you need to try a few foods that you may think you don’t like so that you can learn from the experience because: 


I’m taking the knowledge that I’ve collected thus far to bring you my New Life Weight Loss Challenge. Together, we’ll explore methods for easing into healthier habits in a fun, supportive, and creative way!

If you’re ready to turn your attention inward and take the first step in creating life-changing habits, then you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

I’ll be the first to say that diets don’t work. Why? Because food is something we all need to survive, so it should be a source of joy and nourishment, not associated with stress, restriction, and dieting.

During this challenge, my goal is to help participants explore new ways to get in touch with their bodies and start to better understand the cues they’re being given. This is your opportunity to learn more about how to tune in to what your body is asking for, so that you can work WITH it instead of feeling like you’re constantly fighting against it.


I don’t want this challenge to be something that you check off your list and move on from — I want this to be a turning point for you in how you think about the food you eat, the way you move, and the lifestyle you live.

Are you ready to get started? Click Here! 

Dr. Dean Tindall, DC,ND, DABCO & Mariam Abbas, BS

Don't know how? Don't know what to eat?

No worries, We have it all worked out for you!!

No Fad Diets!

No Counting Calories!

No Starving Yourself!

No Spending Hours at the Gym!

Gluten Free!

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