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Chiropractic Testimonials:

Google Reviews:


Piles Carpet Care

Knowledgeable and caring. Get you in and out fast, also. Love this place. I recommend Dr. Tindall and staff to all my friends and family.


Lisa C. 

I have been blessed to receive wonderful treatment by Dr Dean Tindall. I have been a patient for 21 years with chronic back issues and because of his chiropratic care I have never been on pain medication. He is the best Doctor I have ever met.  I would trust his care to recommend him others for anyone and everyone, ranging from a new infant to an elderly patient and everyone in between.


Nick C. 

Well ran office with friendly staff. Dr. Tindall is easy to talk with and he will explain things thoroughly. The services they provide are good and I feel relief after coming here.


Dawn H. 

Love love love these guys!!!!


Charles S.

Love this place. Feel better when I leave every time.


Mike G.

Great Chiropractic Care.  My experiences here are outstanding.  Adjusts my neck, which is a high level skill not all doctors can do well.  Plus my back, hips, neck, ankles, knees, wrists and elbows were bothering me, and Dr. Tindall adjusts all the joints/extremities.  Now they're relieved.  Highly recommend. Office staff is great as well.  Friendly and helpful.


Carole W.

Dr Tindall has been treating my family and i for many years, such as after a car accident,  falls,  overdoing it on the wkd,  and our daughters soccer injuries.  He puts us back together without surgery or drugs!  Natural healing,  very relevant in this day and age especially with the opioid epidemic going on.


Anonymous Patient 

Thank you, Dr. Miller and Dr. Tindall for the pain relief. Wish I had found you guys sooner. You have a friendly and  compassionate staff and I would highly recommend this office to anyone in the Elizabethtown, KY  and surrounding areas.


Amanda F.

Great staff !!!! Easy to make appointments and flexible with my schedule. I came in with joint pain.  He has reduced my pain level tremendously !!!!


Kaye T.

Awesome people, great atmosphere.


Shannon S. 

Friendly staff, quick and easy service, and great results. They do a wonderful job making me feel welcome and cared for. Would recommend to anyone.


George M. 

Dr Tindall is great. 


Facebook Reviews: 

Katie S.

This place is great, working out a lot of Issues in my back and neck.


Donnie C.

Dr. Tindall is helping me so much with my neck, back and hips. He’s very knowledgeable. I made the right choice by seeing him.


Dorma C.

As a matter of fact, I just recommended E'town Chiropractic to a friend. Very up to date on treatments and cures. Great and knowledgeable staff!!


Sara H.

Fantastic staff that really care.


Angie P.

I had a wonderful experience, and look forward to my next visits.


Tanner C.

Very friendly & very quick & painless visit. Helped a lot!!


Rebecca B.

Dr. Tindall is the only Dr who has never let me down or my family members. Always ready & waiting with a smile. One of the kindest humans I have met. "In good hands."


Tim V. 

Best place I’ve went to. They helped me whenever another chiropractor messed my back up worse and was told I needed surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Tindall.


Tom P. 

Exceptional staff, very friendly and personal. Dr. Tindall doesn't just treat symptoms, he works to help treat the root cause of pain and discomfort.


Morgan K. 

Dr.Tindall and his staff is amazing! They are very kind and easy to work with. I started my journey with Etown Chiropractic about a year ago when my neck was causing me some significant pain. I met with Dr.Tindall we came up with a care plan and my neck felt better. This past week my neck began to give me problems again so I called the office and they got me right in. I highly recommend!


Lori M. 

Five years ago today, I walked into  E’town Chiropractic Center in pain and unhealthy. That day, I began my journey to healing and better health. I’ve experienced so many improvements. Thank you, Dr. Tindall, for your guidance with nutrition and chiropractic care!


Keshia P.

I went to PT for neck pain and it helped a little. Now that I go get adjustments and the relief is wonderful! It is quick easy and painless.


Vanessa M. 

I was down and thought I was out. Couldn't stand, set or move without pain. I hurt so bad that I  was in tears. I had never been to a Chiropractor and my friend suggested and recommend I see Dr. Tindall at E-town Chiropractic. I did just that. When I tell you he is a miracle worker trust me. God has to be working through this man. After my first visit there was definite improvement. I went back the second day and still more improvement. First visit on Thursday on a cane, 2nd visit Friday still have cane, but not totally dependent on it. Went back Monday NO cane or tears. Went back to Work Wednesday. Next visit was Friday. What back pain? When I tell you this man got me all the way right trust me. I thank God for him. I have never experienced back pain that bad and hope and pray I never will again. I will continue to go just for routine maintenance. I highly recommend Dr. Tindall.


Ashley P.

Love Etown Chiropractic! Dr Tindall is always great with answering my questions when I have them and never dismisses my concerns or pain. I love that he encourages his patients to use natural methods for wellness and pain relief also


Kerrie L. 

Dr. Tindall saved my vacation!  Back pain had almost derailed me for over a week!  It's so good to feel good again!


Keely W.

Dr Tindall is the BEST! He’s completely gotten rid of the problems I was having in my neck, hips, and back.


Amanda H. 

Dr. Tindall and all of his staff were very nice, helpful, and considerate of my needs. It was a very clean environment, and didn't feel so much as a doctors office. It felt more like someone welcoming you into their home. You can tell they put the well-being of their patient first. I'm a single mom with 2 jobs and a tight schedule, Dr. Tindall was very flexible with my schedule.


Veronica B. 

Thank you Dr. Tindall for all the years of you adjusting my back and neck.  I always get feeling better after a few adjustments. Your staff is so welcoming and friendly.


Toni R. 

I am so glad I found E'town chiropractic. Feel great after adjustment today


Diane L. 

I’ve known Dr Tindall for a very long time and this man is truly amazing ! He genuinely cares about his patients and stays on top of all of the latest findings in natural remedies that enhance a regimen of chiropractic treatments!


Caroll W. 

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Tindall for many years for our chiropractic needs.  Our jobs require us to walk on concrete floors, and moving heavy bags/cartons around.  Such scenarios lead to sore backs, hips , and knees, etc. We seek treatment from Dr. Tindall about once every 4-6 weeks, as needed.  We typically arrive feeling pretty rough, and leave feeling SO much better after being adjusted.  Having worked in healthcare myself, I can appreciate a treatment plan that allows drug-free healing.  We highly Recommend Dr Tindall. 


David R. 

Best staff and the very Best Chiropractor I have ever been treated by.


Almenia H. 

I came in yesterday with horrible pain and unable to sleep, walk, sit, ect.  It was the end of the day and the staff squeezed me in thankfully.  I was to the point of tears the pain was so bad.  Dr Tindall put me on some moist heat with one of oils and then adjusted my back, and today I was able to actually walk into his office standing up and sit in the chair.  Love that man and am so thankful.


Jamie F. 

This place is wonderful! The whole staff is amazing. The nurses are so responsive and will do anything they can to make the therapy the most effective and comfortable. Dr. Randall is s somehow both a gentle soul and an firm hand of healing simultaneously. I had a so-so attitude about chiropractic care before visiting him, but oh how my paradigms have been shifted. He is very knowledgeable in both Eastern and Western aproaches to healing and married the two beautifully.


Heather B. 

As a hair stylist he keeps my spine and neck in shape. Awesome about maintaining my comfort. Started going to him when he fixed my foot and ankle in the shop! I was limping!.  He cares for his patients and overall health. He always shakes my hand. I appreciate him and office staff. Much love to Elizabethtown Chiropractic.


Tami D.

 Never fails!  Dr. Tindall is the best.  Every time I've gone in there for any area of my spine, neck or shoulder he is the only one who can locate the area and adjust it spot on.  I tell him constantly, you cannot retire ever....the best and a wealth of knowledge in this field!


Karen L.

I have been seeing Dean Tindall for well over 20 years.  As a personal trainer, I am always needing to be realigned. From injuries to,maintenance he has been my go to place for a very long time.  I have sent family, friends and clients and all have come back with favorable experiences.

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