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Hydro-Massage Therapy Table 

Relax and unwind with our Hydro-Massage Therapy Table, try before you buy! Massage action powered by a powerful Jacuzzi brand motor that pumps heated water through strong jets. These jets act like powerful sprinklers by caressing the entire surface contact of the body with the therapeutic power of water at its best. Dry water massage is often utilized with goals of increasing blood circulation, decreasing pain and reducing inflammation by combining the various effects of hydro-therapy, massage therapy, acupressure, thermotherapy, soft tissue massage, and trigger point therapy. Hydro-massage tables promote physical and mental wellness by offering the following natural therapies:


1) Heat: Soothes as it increases circulation and relaxes strained muscles. 

2) Flotation: Relaxes your body and calms your mind making you perfectly receptive to the deep, penetrating action of the swirling jets of water. 

3) Massage: Hydro-Massage provides a non-mechanical type of massage that is far more thorough than a hand massage. It penetrates deeper into the muscle tissues than one would imagine water would do. As tension is released you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. When your body relaxes, your mind relaxes as well. 


First time: Try it! 

One 20 minute session: $40

Five Sessions: $175 

Ten Sessions: $300

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